Success Story

Eligibility benefit verification process.

A California based physical therapy and wellness care.

Given the number of patients that are provided a long-term plan of care, getting them authorized prior to their appointment is critical.  The automated verification of benefit process provided by Waterlabs as well as the benefit of the difference in time, not only allowed the California Based Physical Therapy and Wellness Care keep up with volumes, but the quality of the data was far superior compared to when we managed this process internally.

Supporting 230 clinics nationwide was a very big challenge for healthcare professional group from Michigan.

Automation of their manual processes and improvements to collections were crucial.

Waterlabs delivered immediate improvement in processes that were more streamlined and designed for efficiency. Waterlab’s expert team coupled with process automation allowed client to better manage their physicians and improve the timeliness of billing and overall collections.

Waterlabs used of their technology tools helping NY-based lab helping them to better serve their clients and adopt a rapid response approach

Covid was a very difficult time for our organization to stay on top of all the testing that was being done due to the pandemic.

With over 500 labs, processing more than 6 Million specimens annually, this NY-based lab has a long history since 1999, earning the trust of customers and clients. With a variety of services, this billing company was migrating from a legacy system and overloaded with substantial COVID volumes to a considerable backlog in their billing services.

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We believe that AI will change how enterprises work in the future. Waterlabs helps them overcome several challenges in adopting this powerful and rapidly evolving technology to derive higher value and better customer experience.