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AI-Powered Coding Automation Solution

CurieCode™ is a healthcare revenue cycle management automation solution that uses artificial intelligence to streamline the medical coding process. CurieCode™ can automatically generate diagnosis and procedure codes from clinical documentation, using the latest standards of ICD, CPT, and HCPCS.  CurieCode™ also provides a generative lookup feature that allows users to search for codes by keywords, synonyms, or natural language queries. CurieCode™ is powered by industry-leading deep learning algorithms that improve medical coding outcomes in terms of accuracy and productivity. CurieCode™ helps healthcare providers reduce denials, decrease front-end rejections, and improve reimbursements from healthcare insurance providers.


Smart Coding Solution

Lightning Fast

Curiecode™ is crafted using AI Technologies to ensure a user-friendly and swift navigation experience.

High Security

Curiecode™ is secured with robust security measures, holding a SOC 2 certification and adhering to all ISO Standards.

Coders UI

Curiecode™ design is based on feedback from thousands of medical coders to ensure an outstanding user experience.

All-in-one Solution

CurieCode™ revolutionizes daily medical coding with precision and compliance. Explore our cutting-edge platform, complemented by datasets and coding tools for an enhanced experience. Dive confidently into healthcare coding with CurieCode™ innovation.


Code Book


Codes for medical, surgical, and diagnostic services in healthcare billing.

ICD - 10 CM

Codes for diagnosing health conditions in medical billing.

ICD-10 PCS ®

Codes for hospital procedures in medical coding.


Codes for healthcare services, supplies, and drugs in billing.


Coding Tools

Curie Code™ Assist

Waterlabs AI's proprietary tool for precise CPT code assignment using AI

NCCI Edits

Rules preventing billing errors by flagging incompatible code pairs.

MUE Calculators

Determine max units for a HCPCS code on a single service date.


Translate codes between different sets for coding efficiency.

RVU Calculators

Calculate Relative Value Units for Medicare reimbursement.

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