Unlock Efficiency, Balance, and Insight with RapidTrace


Unlock Productivity Potential

RapidTrace is an Operations Enablement & Workforce analytics Platform designed to auto-capture active time spent by agents alongside other user analytics such as idle time and actual distribution of where exactly the agents time has been utilized during the course of the day. With real-time insights, it supports informed business decisions and formulates effective strategies for capacity planning, people retention, and operations management.


The platform

Lightning Fast

RapidTrace offers swift implementation, typically within 1-2 weeks even at scale, making it ideal for organizations with a hybrid workforce of 500 to 10,000 users.

High Security

RapidTrace is compatible with various environments and operating systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing organizational infrastructures.

Enhanced Productivity

By enabling individuals to understand their working patterns and assisting managers in identifying optimization opportunities, RapidTrace enhances overall productivity within the organization.

The RapidTrace Advantage

Global Security Compliance

RapidTrace is designed to meet global data privacy and security requirements. It holds ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certifications, and HIPAA compliance, and incorporates gold standard privacy and security features.

Insightful Workforce Visualization

The Workforce Analytics Dashboard visually represents key time metrics, overworked and underutilized agents, schedule adherence, and automated timesheets.

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