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Megha Bhouraskar

General Counsel Law Offices of Megha D. Bhouraskar
New York

Megha has an international reputation and a client-base spanning continents for whom she advises, coaches and provides legal counseling and services.  While she grew up and studied in New York City and attended Columbia University, her childhood summers were spent in Gwalior, Indore, Mumbai and Delhi. These dimensions add to her perspective as she weaves her passions, skills and experience for the growth and wellbeing of her clients and companies who her law firm represents. Megha brings together her 30+ years of experience and connections in the business world and non-profit organizations that she is involved in, to ensure that her clients are protected and able to expand their growth as per their vision so as to be impactful in this world.

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We believe that AI will change how enterprises work in the future. Waterlabs helps them overcome several challenges in adopting this powerful and rapidly evolving technology to derive higher value and better customer experience.