About our leaders

Daphne Oberlander

Chief Revenue Officer

Daphne believes technology innovation built around every revenue cycle process is the key to Waterlabs AI’s success.


Daphne has over 25 years of healthcare expertise in Revenue Cycle Management outsourcing. Daphne also brings 15 years of experience in strategic business planning focusing on business process management and outsourcing. 


Daphne’s expertise in domestic and offshore outsourcing has helped clients save up to 40% and greater within their organizations. Daphne has led project transitions in all areas of billing and revenue cycle management and helped clients with reallocation of their internal staffing.


Daphne’s demonstrated expertise in operations and client management has helped provide support and guidance to clients in understanding the needs and challenges of their environment.

Daphne is a member of the Healthcare Management Financial Association and a certified project management from the Project Management Institute.

Let’s transform
Customer Experience

We believe that AI will change how enterprises work in the future. Waterlabs helps them overcome several challenges in adopting this powerful and rapidly evolving technology to derive higher value and better customer experience.