Speed to market on BOT Deployment

Client Background

Our client, a leading healthcare organization, for whom we provide RCM claims processing solutions, required us to urgently scale by over 300% in order to cater to the growing business needs. Recognizing the strain on resources and the potential for increased inefficiencies, our team committed to delivering a transformative automation solution in under 48 hours.


In addressing the urgent requirement to streamline the claims appeals process the Waterlabs AI RCM technology automation team undertook an ambitious 48-hour initiative to meet the pressing needs of the business.  Confronted with the task of developing a cohesive end-to-end solution, we utilized AI and RPA to automate the creation of appeal forms and the submission of faxes, significantly minimizing manual labor and expediting the overall workflow.

BOT Deployment

The 48-Hour Odyssey


Hour 1-2

Requirement Analysis and Swift Planning

Conducted a rapid yet comprehensive analysis of the claims appealing process.

– Identified key pain points and bottlenecks.

– Swiftly structured a two-step solution:
1) Intelligent appeal form creation using our inhouse AI Solutions, and 2) Automated fax submission through an RPA BOT.

Hour 2-8

Lightning-Fast Development of Appeal Form Creation Module

– Utilized In house Patented AI Technology to extract and process data from provided Excel inputs.
– Implemented advanced AI algorithms to generate appeal forms in Word format.
– Rigorously tested the appeal form creation module for speed and accuracy.


Hour 8-12

Turbocharged Enhancement and Initial Deployment

– Actively sought user feedback, incorporating adjustments such as alignment and date format.

– Shared examples of the appeal forms with stakeholders, for review.

– Achieved the capability to generate an astounding 1500 appeal forms in under 3 minutes.

Hour 12-16

RPA BOT Development for Lightning-Fast Fax Submission

– Developed an RPA BOT with lightning speed to seamlessly transition from appeal form creation to fax submission.

– Programmed the BOT to autonomously upload appeal forms into the faxing software.

– Conducted rapid testing to ensure flawless integration with the client’s existing systems.


BOT Deployment

The Results

Breathtaking Speed and Accuracy

- Appeal form creation at an astonishing rate of 1500 forms in under 3 minutes. - Adjustments made promptly, ensuring accuracy and alignment with user expectations.

Breathtaking Speed and Accuracy

 - The BOT seamlessly transitions from appeal form creation to initiating the upload process into the faxing software.  - Accelerated the overall claims appeals workflow, minimizing manual intervention.

User-Centric Excellence

- Actively engaged users, throughout the process, ensuring the solution met and exceeded their expectations.

Chief Architect

My View and Testament: Amidst an urgent call to scale by 300%, our Waterlabs AI Technology team executed a remarkable 48-hour feat. Utilizing AI and RPA, we streamlined claims appeals, crafting a system that generates 1500 forms in under 3 minutes. Our teams focus on user-centricity and rapid deployment sets a new standard, showcasing our commitment to innovation and efficiency in addressing pressing business needs.


In a swift 48-hour endeavor, our team not only conceived but also actualized a comprehensive automation solution for claims appeals. The integration of AI and RPA has yielded a remarkably efficient, user-centric system, establishing a groundbreaking benchmark for rapid automation deployment. This narrative underscores our dedication to innovation and our proficiency in delivering transformative automation solutions promptly, mitigating the necessity for additional full-time equivalents (FTEs) amid rising work demands

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